Help Sprinkle Cheer This November

Help us Sprinkle Cheer for kids battling hunger or illness by supporting this year’s in-store icon fundraiser.  Sprinkle Cheer launches on November 2 with all funds raised benefitting the Foundation’s national grant programs including Dogs for Joy, Dunkin’ Prom, Dunkin’ Connecting Joy and the Foundations newest program Dunkin’ Joyful Spaces.

This year guests will be able to donate and add a sprinkle light bulb to our Sprinkle Cheer Donut Snowman. Similar to year’s past, guests will also receive a thank you coupon for their donation.  In November the Foundation hopes to raise $2.5 million for its national programs, Dogs for Joy, Joyful Spaces, Dunkin’ Prom and Connecting Joy.

This year we will also be “sprinkling cheer” to thank crew members for going above and beyond to raise money for the Foundation. The annual success of this program is because of managers and crew members who take this program to heart and ask each guest to donate to the Foundation.

Over the last 5 years, the Foundation has brought joy to more than 4 million kids battling hunger or illness because of the success of fundraisers like our annual in-store fundraising program.  We are confident that this year we will be able to meet and exceed our goal of $2.5million by asking each and every guest to donate $1 to our Foundation.