Cooper turns 2!

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If you haven’t met Cooper, our Chief Joy Officer and the ambassador for our Dogs for Joy program yet, you’re missing out on a whole lot of slobber and a whole lot of joy. Cooper has been with the Foundation since last August, when he joined us from Canine Assistants where he was born and bred as a service dog.

In his time at Dunkin’ Brands headquarters in Canton, MA, Cooper has not only become the most popular employee at the company, he has also managed to get off-campus for a multitude of runs in the Blue Hills, a few business meetings and, most importantly, to visit some friends at Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

So when Cooper’s birthday came around the corner in March, we knew we wanted to do something special to recognize our favorite pup.

Lucky for Cooper, Dunkin’ Brands’ culinary team is incredibly versatile and can create canine delicacies without even needing a recipe, so they prepared a healthy, dog-approved banana and peanut butter cake and we threw Cooper a paw-ty, complete with hats, gifts, and a FaceTime date with his brothers still in training at Canine Assistants. Check out the pictures below. Happy birthday, Cooper!