Meet Gaby

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Meet Gaby

Little girls with backpacks runningGaby and her husband have three children: John is seven, Gavin is two and Marietta is one. When they first got married their lives were pretty stable. But then Gaby lost her job, and a year later Josh did too. As she said, “things went downhill from there.”

Gaby and her family are among thousands in the region that receive help from the Pittsburgh Food Bank to ensure that their children are healthy and thriving. The Food Bank supports them through its mobile food bank which visits their community along with the weekly Backpack Program at school.

Gaby explains how vital the Backpack Program that John receives in school is to her family’s life. “Each Friday, he comes home with a bag full of healthy food that enables me to make quick, easy meals for all my children. Josh and I may have to skip meals, but we make sure our children never have to. Without Backpack Day, I really don’t know how we’d feed them.”

The Joy in Childhood Foundation proudly supports the Pittsburgh Food Bank by providing funds for the Backpack Program. Currently, the Food Bank provides weekend bags to 2,000 children each week in Pittsburgh.