The Joy in Childhood Foundation brings the simple joys of childhood to kids battling hunger or illness.

When children face health and hunger issues, it robs them of the simple joys of childhood. At the Joy in Childhood Foundation, our goal is to help kids feel like kids, even on their most difficult days. For more information about us, Download our Fact Sheet. You can also Read our FAQs.


Since 2006, we have distributed more than $18 million in grants to national and local nonprofits that provide joy to kids battling hunger and illness.

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On a national level, we partner with Starlight Children’s Foundation® and Feeding America® to deliver impact across the country. Locally, we work with hundreds of nonprofits making a difference in the lives of kids battling hunger or illness.


The Joy in Childhood provides grants to hundreds of nonprofits – big and small – making a difference in the lives of kids battling hunger or illness across the country. Organizations include food pantries, children’s hospitals, camps and programs designed to provide joy to those who need it most.



The Joy in Childhood Foundation has partnered with Feeding America for 10 years to support local food banks serving children and families facing hunger. This includes supporting the School Pantry and BackPack Program, which provide food to children after school, on weekends and during school vacations when other resources are not available.


Through our partnership with Starlight Children Foundation, we are building 10 Starlight Sites – bright, kid-friendly spaces like therapy kitchens, playrooms, teen lounges and gardens – to bring joy to kids staying in the hospital. Starlight Sites transform hospital environments into brighter and happier spaces to support healing and inspire kids to have fun.


Our grant to Starlight Children’s Foundation is providing 25,000 Starlight Gowns for children’s hospitals nationwide. Starlight Gowns give kids in hospitals high-quality, comfortable and brightly-colored gowns to wear while undergoing treatment. The gowns have fun designs that transform children into astronauts, cowboys, and other characters so they can have fun and enjoy being kids, even in the hospital.