The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation brings the simple joys of childhood to kids battling hunger or illness.

When children face health and hunger issues, it robs them of the simple joys of childhood. At the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation, our goal is to help kids feel like kids, even on their most difficult days.


The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood provides grants to hundreds of nonprofits – big and small – making a difference in the lives of kids battling hunger or illness across the country. Organizations include food pantries, children’s hospitals, camps and programs designed to provide joy to those who need it most. MEET OUR GRANTEES


Through the Dogs for Joy program, the Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation awards grants to children’s hospitals to launch a new in-residence dog program or expand an existing program. In-residence dogs are trained service dogs and full-time employees of the hospital who bring comfort and joy to patients and their families. LEARN MORE


Hospitalized teens sometimes miss out on milestone moments. The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation provides grants to hospitals to provide a teen prom experience to pediatric patients ages 13-19 – from venue, to decor, signage, food and beverage, and more. LEARN MORE